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Our commercial remodeling services include First consultation, lay outs, budget estimation, and permits processing. We work with commercial plumbers, electricians and HVAC experienced contractors, together with licensed architects and engineers for the commercial space design and infrastructure calculations.

Some of our clients are: Starbucks, Maui Memorial Hospital, The UPS Store, Khana Falls Resort, Sheraton Maui, Kaanapali Ocean Villas, Napili Bistro Restaurant, Bubba Gump Lahaina.

On the Industrial side, we've completed a $300K warehouse refurbishing for Safety System and Signs Hawaii (Former FKS rentals) replacing the deteriorated metal structure (Z channels) treating all rusted areas with Corroseal, replacing the damaged siding as needed and painting the entire warehouse in and out. For the interior, we gave the 3,000 SF office space a face lift remodeling the 2 bathrooms making them ADA compliant.

Restaurant remodeling, hotel remodeling, commercial offices remodeling, retail stores remodeling, commercial kitchens construction. Give us a call will give you realistic advice and cost efficient options for your commercial facility remodel.

Metal Framing and Commercial Remodeling

 Restaurant remodeling, taking care of mechanical installations, AC system, electrical installation, metal framing, commercial drywall & carpentry work.

6 Benefits of Metal Studs

Convenience:  Metal wins here, according to Thumb and Hammer who write extensively on the subject of wood vs metal.  It’s lighter than wood and takes up half the space of lumber because of its hollowed shape. This makes for easier transporting and storage. Cut metal studs with aviation snips, which means no sawdust.  However, if you’re doing a complete build, it’s easier just to use a metal cutting saw blade and a miter saw to cut in bulk.  Wear gloves, though, to protect the hands from sharp edges, and clean up any small pieces that end up on the floor.

Ease of installation: Steel framing is easier to handle because the studs weigh a third less than wood and can be installed at 24 inches on center. They also are attached with screws, so moving studs is simple if you make a mistake.

Stability:  Wood is prone to twisting and warping; metal is not. Wood also wicks moisture, which can lead to mold growth and rot, while metal is immune. Metal does rust, so install a vapor barrier or sill gasket between the bottom plate and the concrete floor.

Strength: The strength and ductility of structural cold-formed steel (CFS) framing, along with the holding power of CFS connections, make it ideal for construction in high-wind and seismic zones such as the U. S. eastern seaboard, the Gulf Coast states, California and Hawaii.

Insects and Fire: Carpenter ants and termites can severely damage wood construction, but steer clear of metal. Likewise, wood burns and metal does not. A wall built with metal studs is virtually fireproof.

Lower construction costs: There are some nuances to this area. Steel framing can cost three  to 15 percent more than wood studs, based on Steel Framing Alliance calculations, but metal studs offer cost advantages in other areas that can offset this price difference. Warranty callbacks are minimized because steel does not shrink, split or warp. As a result, there are no nail pops or drywall cracks to fix after the structure is completed. Consistent quality means that scrap is drastically reduced (two percent for steel versus 20 percent for wood), which also reduces costs for hauling off and disposing of discarded material. You also may enjoy significant discounts on risk insurance for steel framed structures.

Bar Grid Installation

Bar carpentry work and cabinets installation.

Kahana Falls Hotel Before the Remodel

 Hotel remodeling project. Building new walls, taking care of the carpentry work, drywall installation and taping, windows installation, doors installation, interior painting, suspended ceiling installation. Commercial remodeling and additions is one of our specialties.

Suspended Ceiling Installation - Acoustic Tile Ceiling

5 Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling

What is a suspended ceiling? A suspended ceiling or a drop-down ceiling is a sequence of panels supported by a metal framework – you have probably seen one in just about any office building you have ever been in, with the foam board panels you can push up and hide things inside. But that is just one type of suspended ceiling – in fact, many suspended ceilings use metal or tin ceiling tiles for an elegant and chic look. Here are some other benefits of suspended ceilings.

1. Hide Your Infrastructure

A suspended ceiling is the best way to hide unsightly but necessary electrical, plumbing and ductwork running through your ceiling. Rather than having exposed pipes and conduits, choosing a suspended ceiling puts all that out of sight, while still allowing easy access.

2. Improve Aesthetics

While a suspended ceiling decreases ceiling heights by a small amount, it is offset by the undeniable aesthetic improvements of a uniform ceiling full of lovely suspended ceiling tiles. Which would you prefer: exposed ductwork and electrical conduits, or the elegant simplicity of metal tiles?

3. Soundproofing

A suspended ceiling offers a second layer of protection when it comes to soundproofing. Soundproofing is all about obstructing sound waves, and many suspended panels are designed with extra soundproofing. Metal Ceiling Express offers sound dampening products at great prices for suspended ceilings.

4. Easy Installation

Installing a suspended ceiling is a breeze, especially compared with the cost of a full ceiling remodel. The savings involved in choosing a suspended ceiling will add up quickly. In addition, the cost effective means that if you change your mind about what kind of ceiling you want, it is a straightforward matter to replace the tiles in your suspended ceiling with new ones at a minimum of hassle and expense.

5. Insulation

In addition to all this, a suspended ceiling offers two distinct insulation benefits, even if you do not choose to add further insulation to the product. First, the addition of a layer between the original ceiling and the suspended ceiling creates a barrier that acts as a layer of insulation. Second, since the ceilings are lowered, the room requires less heat overall.

Suspended ceilings offer a wide range of benefits at an affordable price.

Soffits Construction / Metal Framing

 Kitchen and Bathroom Soffits.

There are many advantages of framing with metal studs as opposed to the traditional wood. Metal studs won't burn, rot or become a termite buffet. Structurally, as in bearing walls, metal studs are many times stronger than wood studs, greatly reducing the amount of materials needed to support the load, as well as the amount of time it takes to frame the job.

The metal stud doesn't dry out, either, so warping, bowing and twisting aren't problems. That lets us build straighter walls and flatter ceilings.

Coffered Ceiling Construction at 505 Front St.

We also do flooding restoration, here we are redoing the coffered drywall ceiling at Angelina's Café at the 505 Front St. Shopping Center.

This ceiling got water damaged due to a broken sprinkler pipe in the up above unit.